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Application Text Online Application Usage Policy


Users will use Application Text for its intended use only and in a responsible manner. Users must endeavour to ensure that Application Text is not placed under undue risk of loss, damage or misuse through their action or inaction.


Users must only access, view, or update information that is necessary for the performance of their duties. Such information must not be removed, copied, or disclosed to other parties except in accordance with the applicable Health Information or Privacy Laws. Users must ensure that any computer or device they are accessing Application Text from is properly secured when left unattended. Printed copies of confidential patient information should not be stored in an unsecured location (such as at home, in your car, on USB drives or portable computers).

Username and Passwords

Users must not use another User’s login or disclose their password to any other User. Shared or group logins are not permitted. A User may not access Application Text unless they have logged in to the system using their own Username and password. Users are responsible for ensuring that other persons (whether they are authorised users or not) do not access Application Text while they are logged in. If a computer or device is left unattended it must be logged out or locked so it cannot be accessed by other persons. Users are responsible for advising the administrator as soon as possible if they suspect that their password has been disclosed in any way, and should also change their password as soon as possible. Passwords must not be written down, openly displayed, or stored on or near the computer. Passwords must conform with the Password Strength requirements specified by Application Text Security Policy.


All access to and use of Application Text is recorded by the system. Activity records are subject to review and monitoring at the discretion of the System Administrators. The right to inspect a users activity records and modify, delete or retain a User's access rights is reserved.

Reporting Problems

Users must immediately report any problem (malfunctions, security breaches, or data corruption) to the Administrator.

Compliance Monitoring

Audits for compliance against this agreement may be conducted at any time and without prior notice.

By clicking the button below I agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement (and any future amendments as notified from time to time. I acknowledge that non-compliance may result in action being taken in accordance with the Application Text Security Policy. Non compliance may result in denial of access. Serious breaches may be notified to the appropriate local authorities dealing with breaches in Health Information Security and Privacy.

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